1. The consumer has to give correct and complete information about himself and the product / service he wants to purchase. The consumer must fulfill all the obligations imposed by the contract in order to benefit from the quality of service in the best way.

2. The consumer has to pay in accordance with the payment plan stipulated in the distance sales contract and in the stipulated time.

3. The consumer is under the obligation to check the product upon receipt and to report the defect in the product without delay. However, unpacked and used products are not included in the scope of recall. Damages caused by any defect related to transportation must be reported immediately or without delay.

4. The consumer has to fulfill the obligation to notify the damage and other issues imposed by the contract.


1. Our company will evaluate the orders made during working hours (between 08:00 and 18:00 every day) during the day. Orders received after 16:00 will be processed within working hours on the following business day.

2. The consumer acknowledges, declares and undertakes that all the information given about the order is correct and complete, and that it can be contacted with the phone number and e-mail address specified in the order information when necessary.

3. After the successful completion of the order process given by the consumer, our Company will send an e-mail message to the e-mail address specified by the consumer, informing that the order process has been completed.

4. Our company does not hold stocks for the products it sells. It supplies the products according to the orders of the customers. The product that is published during the day is removed from the sale when the stock quantity runs out. However, in cases such as failure to deliver the products that are finished in the supplier, the relevant department informs the consumer via e-mail and the blocked amount is removed from your credit card.


1. Payments for orders placed on the website subject to this contract can be made with all bank cards. For money transfer and similar purchasing ways, the consumer will contact our Company directly from the order e-mail address. The processing time of the orders is not the moment when the order is placed, but the moment when money is blocked from the credit card account for the order amount or it is determined that it has reached the company's accounts.

2. The consumer is obliged to pay the fees required to use the Site and services subject to this contract and all applicable taxes.

3. Transfer of information in credit card transactions will be provided by our company with a secure SSL connection. The credit card payment and provision of the consumer will be automatically provided by the SANALPOS system. It is not possible to reimburse the amount collected by our Company except for force majeure.

4. Prices for the products on the website subject to the contract by our company include VAT. Transportation costs related to the delivery of the ordered product belongs to the consumer.

5. If the consumer is a commercial company, an invoice is issued in line with the invoice information specified by the consumer and delivered to the ordering company. If the consumer is a real person, the invoice will be issued and delivered to his address.

6. With the successful completion of the payment to be made by the consumer for the products purchased after the provision of the credit card or bank account, our Company will be obliged to deliver the consumer's order to its place.

7. Our company always reserves the right to change some or all of the services it offers and its wage policy. The changes regarding the wage policy will be activated simultaneously with the publication of the announcement on the Site.

8. Our company is not responsible for price inaccuracies caused by typesetting and system errors.


1. Our company will deliver the product to the consumer within ten days at the latest from the moment the consumer receives the order. Our company has the right and authority to extend this period for five days, provided that it is notified in advance.

2. Transportation costs related to orders belong to the consumer. The consumer's order amount will be charged from the consumer's credit card if the order is completed. Transportation and cargo costs will be collected from the consumer by the cargo authority during delivery.

3. If the consumer is not present at the address specified for delivery, delivery can be made to other persons at the address and living in the same residence as the consumer or to the consumer's assistants.

4. The consumer is obliged to open and check the packages in front of the company representative while receiving the packages that he thinks are damaged during the shipment, and if there is any defect in the product, the cargo company is obliged to not receive the product by making a report.